Bitcoin’s Post-Halving Price Prediction 2020

Based on earlier experience, the BTC price was expected to be bullish post-halving. But surprisingly, Bitcoin’s price volatility has declined.

Is Cryptocurrency the Solution to the Current Economic Crisis?

Although the concept of cryptocurrency makes sense and seems to be the perfect solution for this economic crisis, is it really there yet?

Analyzing the Current Situation of Bitcoin in the Crypto Space

Let’s analyze the trends in Bitcoin and the concerns related to it that we have been recently hearing about in cryptocurrency news.

Artificial Intelligence

SingularityNET Announces Its New Paypal Integration At Blockshow Asia 2019

At Blockshow Asia 2019, SingularityNET Foundation announced its integration with Paypal within its decentralized Ai marketplace.

The Use of Innovative Technology in Schools

Technological innovations are gaining popularity in the education sector.