10 Foods You Should Add to Your Diet to Help with Weight Loss

Weight loss is often a long and confusing journey. You need all the hacks you can get to make the ride a little simpler and a lot less frustrating. One of these hacks is to subtly add certain foods to your diet that promote and fasten the process of weight loss. In this article, we will be listing down the top 10 foods that will help with weight loss if added to your diet.


Eggs are a great compact source of food that include all vitamins other than vitamin C. They are also filling for the stomach, depending on how they are cooked, and adaptable to becoming a meal without the need to use unhealthy ingredients like oil. Eggs are considered a breakfast food, which is great because having breakfast is essential if one wants to lose weight, but at the same time, they can be adapted to a healthy meal for any time of the day.


Vegetables are filling, plenty in variety, and almost always easily available, and of course, the most important factor about them is that they are healthy and very filling, making weight loss a piece of cake if you just get the hang of making meals out of them or munching on them whenever you feel a pang of hunger.


Full of fiber, taste, and vitamin C, when coupled with eggs, you have a complete palette of all things your body needs. Berries and weight loss go together like two peas in a pod.


Considered a lean protein, chicken is an entire package. Can be cooked in any way you want, reduces cravings for other foods, and also helps regulate your blood sugar level to push your body to be healthier overall.


Nuts are a great source of fiber and healthy fat. Albeit being a bad idea to munch on them uncontrollably, if eaten with the tactics of portion control, they definitely keep you full and aid weight loss. 

Unripe Bananas

Full of prebiotic resistant scratch, if eaten at the unripe stage, bananas help avoid unnecessary storage of fat in the body by making it respond faster to insulin. Weight loss is especially easier through the consumption of unripe bananas around the midsection of the body.

Chia Seeds

Other than being a rich source of fiber aiding metabolism, the secret of chia seeds is that they expand in water. This means after entering the stomach they take up more space than one would expect, keeping you full.


Yogurt is a healthy meal option that if your taste buds become accustomed to can become an essential part of weight loss. 

Dark Chocolate

Providing the ecstasy that milk chocolate provides, without all the adverse health effects, dark chocolate goes hand-in-hand with weight loss for all. Plus, it tastes even better than milk chocolate once you get the hang of it!


This cheap and diverse food product provides your body with protein and also fills it up without much effort. A great snack for your weight loss journey.