Tiktok is a comparatively newer platform, but it has its own pros that put it high up on the list of effective social media for advertising purposes. TikTok’s average user base is younger than that of other platforms, which means if you use it to boost your business, you need to focus on this factor and accordingly formulate your content. In this article, we will be talking about 3 ways you can use Tiktok to boost your small business.

Use the Trends

Tiktok trends often include short dances or “life hack” videos. All you need to do is pick a trend and incorporate your product or service into it. For example, your business sells clothes. Wear the clothes and do the dance that is trending that week. Put the link for the clothes in the caption and write the name of your brand on the video as the model does the dance. Without fail it will capture the attention of a lot of viewers. Tiktok is different but truly as simple as that.

Duet with Viral Tiktoks

To duet on TikTok is the act of posting your “response” to someone’s TikTok by posting your and their video side by side. The great thing is that you can duet with anyone, even if they do not follow you or otherwise have any correlation to your content. If you pick a viral TikTok or a TikTok of an influencer and duet with them, chances are higher that the algorithm will push it to appear on the feeds of people who have viewed the viral Tiktok or follow that or other similar influencers.

Do not forget to link your product or service to whatever is going on in the duet. Be creative with it because that is what makes TikTok so effective and gives your advertisements the unique edge that pushes them to be successful. 

Start Your Own Trend

Not only is TikTok good for following trends and using them for your own benefit, it is also very effective for attempting to create your own trends. Due to TikTok’s flawless algorithm, the chances of something so random, yet very crazy, going viral out of nowhere, are much higher than they would be on any other social media platform. If you own a small business and want to reach the masses, then do something that hasn’t been done before. Then add a familiar hashtag to the caption and see the magic of the TikTok algorithm. 

Initially, the algorithm will get your content going, but after that, it will simply be the fact that whatever you are doing is so crazy or just random, that people want to watch it – resulting in the formation of a trend. Then more and more people will make similar videos, and yours will remain known as the original one and people will keep coming back. If the intention of your creating a trend is for you to boost your business then make sure the video has some link to the vision and mission of your business, and you are good to go.

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