Did you know you can use Facebook to make money in addition to using it to share photos and keep in touch with friends? There are many ways to make money on Facebook, like creating a Facebook page and selling its posts, or employing link-type advertising schemes. Facebook can also be used for product promotion and sales.

As a social media enthusiast, you can actually get paid to do stuff that you enjoy. Brands these days are willing to pay substantial amounts to users to engage with and share their posts.

If you get to team up with a couple of such brands, you can turn your social media browsing into a lucrative side hustle.

In this article, we will discuss 4 specific ways in which you can make money as a side hustler just by using Facebook, so stay tuned!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs provide you with a unique ID and promotional materials, and then pay you a percentage based on the volume of sales you bring in. In order to start making money, you need to first identify a good affiliate marketing website. Most websites that you are familiar with have an affiliate or referral program. Anyone can sign up to be an affiliate for as many sites as they want because the site doesn’t charge you anything to do this.

Start with recognizable brands. A good example is Amazon. Even if a customer doesn’t buy the product you advertised, Amazon’s affiliate program will pay you a portion of each transaction they make on your site after clicking through. There is a quality affiliate program for Apple’s iTunes platform as well.

Influencer Marketing

If you have a long list of Friends on your Facebook account or many followers on your Facebook page, you can become a micro-influencer. Brands these days go for influencers because they are a lot more cost-effective than celebrities or full-time brand ambassadors. The more followers you have, the more businesses and digital marketers would approach you for paid advertisements. All you need to do to start making money is publish their product on your page.

Facebook Page Management

A Facebook page manager assists businesses of all sizes to elevate their presence on Facebook. They do this by taking care of their Facebook page, constantly sharing valuable content on it, responding to any customer queries that come along, and ensuring all information on the page is up to date.

Freelance Facebook managers typically manage several customers at a time, including small businesses, startups, and even well-known brands. They are able to offer tailored support to these businesses that don’t have in-house marketing staff.

Social Media Jobs

Brands these days are looking to get lots of likes, shares, and comments on their social media posts or videos. If you have a large fanbase or followership on Facebook, you can easily help them achieve that by sharing their posts or links on your Facebook profile, page, or group. The more likes you can provide, the more money you’ll be able to earn.

There are a number of online social media jobs of this kind that pay $25 – $50 per hour. They don’t require any prior experience and allow you to work from home. All you need to do is fill out a survey by clicking below and you’ll be redirected to the remote social media job opportunities available now that match your passion and caliber.

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