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How would you describe a stereotypical entrepreneur in just few words? Dedicated? Opportunist? Creative? Yeap, these apply. But words like ‘troublemaker’, ‘insecure’ and ‘trend breaker’ are also quite accurate.

Do you feel that the following quirks and traits describe you? Let’s read one by one and find out.

Here are the some true characteristics of entrepreneurs.

1. They’re the first one to take action

Are you one of those who seek to take action as soon as you come up with an idea? Entrepreneurs display the habit of implementing their plan straight away, instead of spending time writing it out and having long discussions about it with friends and family.

2. They’re secretly scared

Entrepreneurs may look confident and bold at the surface, but deep down inside they’re quite scared and insecure. Since they usually cannot go with the flow, they are used to frequently receiving skeptical comments and discouraging remarks from others. As much as they are willing to do anything it takes to commercialize their business idea, they feel nervous about failing and not being able to make it.

3. They’re very resourceful

Having resources is different from being resourceful. Entrepreneurs may not always have all the facilities, financial resources or networking needed to get their idea kicked off, but they know how to make the best use out of the scarce resources that they have at their disposal. They are creative about turning things around and always live with a ‘do or die’ mindset.

4. They’re obsessed with cash flows

If there’s anything that drives an entrepreneur, it’s a positive cash flow. If you give an entrepreneur $1,000, they would by default think of ways to turn it into $2,000 or more. They are not able to just sit on money, but want to do something with it to make it grow. They’re obsessed with cash, and making more cash with what they have.

5. They don’t like the status quo

Entrepreneurs are not satisfied with the mechanisms of the corporate world, as approached by an average working class, employed individual. They don’t enjoy working for people. They would rather go through times of crisis and loss, than opt in for a full-time job in another person’s company. Before their business kicks off, they would prefer going for part-time or freelance opportunities as a means of earning passive income to make ends meet.

6. They’re fearless

Along with being insecure on one hand, entrepreneurs are utterly fearless on the other hand. They don’t mind dropping their bank balances to gather the funds required for their new venture. Their brains are tuned to believe that all their efforts and investments would eventually pay off. They are focused on long-term goals, and are willing to go through miseries in the short-term in order to achieve their dreams.

7. They welcome change

They’re willing to listen to customer feedback, even if it goes against their initial idea. They’re looking to tweak their product features, marketing approach and even the entire business model, based on the comments of the ‘paymasters’, i.e. potential clients and customers. They are thorough in their research to the best of their ability, and don’t want to miss out on anything that’s relevant from the perspective of a consumer.

Entrepreneurs are different from the masses, but they’re great people. If you can identify yourself with most of the traits described above, there’s nothing wrong with you. You probably have an entrepreneurial mind, i.e. you’re an entrepreneur at heart, even if you’re not one practically yet.