What is Opinined?

Opinined is a publication site that operates as part of Yibbia Media, which is a digital media and corporate services company, incorporated in Malaysia.


What do we do?

Started by a professional content developer, Opinined strives to offer valuable insights and opinions through interesting articles, which are written and published on the site on daily basis.


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What are our values?

At Opinined, we believe in integrity, subjectivity, syndication, affiliations and accepting differences of opinion.


What is our mission?

The mission of Opinined is to become the leading global conversation and opinion builder on topics that impact human beings the most in life, such as work life, parenting, education and innovative technology.


Where are we headed?

In the long run, we plan to extend our posts to news articles and press releases, via attaining partnerships with media companies that cover similar sections as ours.