Photo by 4045 from Freepik

Many things in the world are not as good as they seem.

Whether or not there is an ulterior motive of nature against me, or of the people interpreting n living in the world, the stories they see and tell are either sugarcoated to bluff around or manipulated to conceal part of the truth.

Surprisingly, most people are okay with that as they like to judge this world and the people in it at the surface. Perhaps nobody enjoys to be thoughtful.

But I have a sharp eye to see through, sink into the realities and perceive the complexities at the core. My sixth sense is often able to show me the picture behind the scenes, which may or may not be true, but is for sure in more depth than an average mind’s eye.

I take my perception as my strength as it helps me protect myself from the frauds n untruthfulness that I could otherwise easily become a victim of.