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If you want to make money in cryptocurrency, you will have to get creative.

Today I want to write about ways to get creative and think outside the box to potentially make a lot of money in cryptocurrency.

I found an article on News BTC and found it really interesting. Remember how Coinbase was the most famous cryptocurrency exchange, and then Binance came along? They got creative and they pretty much overtook Coinbase. They became more popular than Coinbase, believe it or not. How did they do that? Well, through creativity, through out-of-the-box thinking!

Binance offered YouTube influencers a big prize for whoever could make the best video. Okay, so they got creative, and they became extremely profitable. And that’s just one example.

Another example is Nominex, a relative newcomer to the exchange world. Nominex is creating a referral program that will drive business in a similar way. The Nominex affiliate program allows users to exchange or to share a referral link with friends, or to spread the word about Nominex through media or through your community. Each referral receives a bonus. Usually there’s only two or three levels of bonuses for these kinds of programs. But with Nominex, it’s unlimited, that is, there’s no limit to the number of referral levels that users can receive bonuses from. I don’t know of any other program like this where there is no limit to the number of levels that you can profit from. So beyond creativity, there’s a value proposition here.

As the number of exchanges on the market explodes, you really got to offer value and be creative. Let’s use Nominex as an example again. The company is offering a series of token distributions for early adopters. If you get in quickly, first for a month after the opening of the exchange, all users will receive 100 percent cash back on all trading fees, paid in NMX – the Nominex native token. Like in the stock world, some of the exchanges are offering either cash back or commission free trading; this is very similar to that except it’s in the world of crypto. Nominex is offering 100% cash back on all trading fees paid out in NMX, the Nominex native token. After this first phase, the company will continue returning a portion of the trading fees as a pool paid out to users. Each day these bonuses are paid or will be paid on a percentage basis of the total transaction volume. For example, if the user had 1% of all transactions on a given day, he would receive 1% of the pool. These could be huge incentives for getting involved in Nominex.

Nominex is a high-tech trading platform that has been created from scratch and developed for two years on modern cloud technologies, designed to simplify and increase the efficiency of trading for both professional traders and beginners. Whatever level you’re on, you can use this exchange. It’s one of the lowest trading commissions in the market.

They’re not running an ICO. They’re not doing fundraising. In the early stages of the exchange, they’re automatically placing all registered users in the global referral structure. They have implemented security precautions that are designed to help keep user data and digital assets safe.

If you want to make money and be potentially profitable in the world of cryptocurrency, you’ve got to be careful about cryptocurrency scams and get creative at the same time!

Disclaimer: This post and everything written in it is just an opinion, not financial advice.