Out of all the tactics businesses employ to promote their businesses nowadays, employing a spokesperson to do so is not a very common one. However, it is probably one of the most underestimated marketing tactics that businesses overlook. Let’s discuss four reasons why a hiring spokesperson for your business could be one of the best marketing decisions for your organization.


A spokesperson gives your business a personality and that makes it human. Having a face for all the things you claim to offer – whether a product, service or both – makes the promises you make to your audience more believable. Customers would rather have someone tell them personally why a product is right for them compared to just reading about it in their own inside voice. Even though having a spokesperson is not the exact equivalent of someone personally coming up to you to tell you about a product, it definitely has the potential to create such an illusion. Hence, the opportunity must be taken advantage of. 

The Power of Visual Aid

It is common business knowledge that the chances of information sticking to people’s minds are much higher if they are shown something rather than told. Having a consistent spokesperson is an effective way to promote a business for that very reason. And a person is a more effective visual aid than graphics or pictures because it appeals to people’s emotions more easily. The combination of the expressions, voice, and looks of a spokesperson draws customers towards your business even if otherwise they would not have even batted an eye towards what you have to offer.

Diversified Reach

If you hire the correct spokesperson – in the way that they are already at least a little known in the business world, or that they are generally popular – then people will probably be drawn towards your business because of just that. The same reasons that influencer marketing and brand ambassadors are such well-known marketing techniques, hiring a spokesperson for your business will work as well. If your video comes across just one person who pays attention just for the sake of the person speaking, word-of-mouth will take over from there and your business will be likely to reach an audience it could not have otherwise. 


If chosen correctly, the spokesperson of your business will know how to deliver the copy you write for them. Suppose they optimize the way they deliver the written content verbally. In that case, important keywords of the copy will be emphasized, increasing the chances of catching even a disinterested person’s attention who may be passively watching the video. Furthermore, even if the content of the copy is not what engages the audience, the general tone of the spokesperson could be if they are good at their job. As simple as it sounds, the truth is, a person is more engaging than anything abstract and bright words on a screen.