How To Be Productive By Doing Nothing

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Have you ever known somebody who seems to be wasting time the whole day, but able to complete all his work every time? Maybe some of you know somebody like this from school, who never seemed to pay attention in class, but always got the top marks in exams? Or you know a colleague who’s always chilling out, and still able to perform the best at the end of the day?

There are people with this kind of personality that makes them look like they’re doing nothing, or not bothered about anything, but in reality, their productivity level is higher than any one of us.

These are the creative people. They don’t need to show exactly what they’re doing, or particularly what they’re thinking, in order to prove that they’re productive. In fact, they don’t need to prove anything at all. Their work and output proves it all.

These people typically have a high IQ, which lets them exceptionally multi-task all the time. They could be watching a movie and coming up with a new business idea, or washing their car and planning how to screw somebody at workplace who initially caused them trouble. The point is, they spend more time secretly planning and setting up their goals than actually executing their actions. Once everything is planned in their mind, they are able to implement it in a much faster way than the other people around them.

But these are not the only people who can be productive by ‘doing nothing’. Today we’re going to talk about how women, and particularly housewives or ‘homemakers’, can often be productive by ‘doing nothing’.

Waiting for something to cook

Ever seen a woman stalling around in the kitchen, appearing very free or delaying all her tasks? She’s not really wasting time. Then what’s she doing in the kitchen? She’s cooking! Yeap, surprise!

Most of the meals, or their ingredients, take time to cook. Usually the way a dish is prepared, especially if it’s a gravy with meat in it, is after putting in all the ingredients, you have to let it simmer on low heat. That’s the time when you have nothing to do, but you still need to be present in the kitchen (or else it might get overcooked and burn). If you’re making some kind of chicken curry, for instance, the chicken will take time to cook. Whether you do nothing in the meantime, or pretend to be busy with the microwave, wash the dirty dishes or prepare a side dish, the chicken will still take the same amount of time to cook.

Relaxing the body muscles

Looking after a house is not an easy task and involves a lot of labor work. If a woman is the sole homemaker of her house, she pretty much needs to be on her toes all the time. She’d be doing the laundry, cooking for her family, cleaning up the mess, buying the groceries, vacuum cleaning, dropping and picking up children from school, and much more.

So if you see her sitting on her couch at times, appearing to be doing nothing, she’s probably just relaxing her muscles to get back on her toes again.

Giving time to one’s child

We often undermine the fact that our children always need our attention and appreciation at all stages of growth. For those of you who have a below 5 years old, you would know that they need to be looked after every minute, as they’re just learning to get a grasp of their bodies and beginning to move around. Even after 5 years of age, when they start learning new things, they look forward to their parents’ acknowledgement on everything they do and believe to achieve.

Many times, you’ll se a mother sitting with her child, and just looking at the child for a very long time. She’ll appear to be doing nothing, but in reality, she’s giving her attention and quality time to her child.

Thinking about someone

We all miss our friends, family members or even acquaintances at different phases of life. Some people come and go, while others stay with us for a long time. But sometimes, even the people who stay in our lives for long are not with us for days or weeks. That’s when we cherish the moments spent with them by thinking about them. This is imperative to our happiness.

Often times you might see a man or a woman lost in thoughts. That’s when they are probably thinking about someone. This helps us to keep going even in times when we feel lonely otherwise. Hence, even though missing or thinking about someone is not being productive at the surface; it does have value in boosting up our energy to maintain our overall productivity.

Sana Uqaili

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