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As a working woman, when you finally get home exhausted in the evening, the last thing you want to do is give your hair a nice treatment. But have you ever thought how beneficial that could be? A regular hair maintenance routine is crucial for healthy hair growth and moisture retention. If you cannot manage it daily, making it a weekly routine would be a good idea. After all, even our hair deserves that special treatment on the weekend.

The best time for a hair treatment is at night, just before going to bed. The best part is, you don’t need a fancy shampoo or conditioner for it. There are many natural ingredients that can be used for a quick hair massage.


There is a kind of protein in yogurt that strengthens hair shafts. Applying yogurt to the hair helps you prevent split ends. Yogurt also has anti-fungal properties that moisturise the scalp and can rid you from dandruff.


As weird as it may sound, applying egg in your hair can significantly reduce hair loss. If you have oily hair, you should apply egg whites. If your hair is brittle and dry, use egg yolks. Though shampooing is good before applying egg to hair, it is not compulsory.


Henna is good for deeper hair conditioning. Apply it thoroughly on the surface and leave it on for at least an hour. Some people say that applying henna can make your hair brittle, but the truth is, if you apply too much at a time, the breakage is caused by the extra weight on your hair and not by the chemical qualities of henna itself.

These simple hair treatments can be very relaxing. When you take care of your hair, you are practically being productive by doing nothing. The real fun in taking good care of your hair is not when you’re giving yourself the spa treatment. It’s when you look at yourself in the mirror the next day and feel proud of the effort you put in that brought about the smoothness and beauty you can feel.