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This post is about some tips that will help you to be more brave and courageous when it comes to finding the career that you truly want. A lot of people hear the words, “Be brave”, and they think that that just means dive right in completely blindly, without paying attention to your thoughts. I do agree that part of being brave means to not overthink and to really go for what you feel is right, but there’s a whole other side to being brave that I think is important to consider as well.

To me, being brave involves knowing who you are and what you want. It means having the confidence and knowledge of what is truly important to you. If it’s a career that you’ve always wanted to pursue, or a business that you knew you’ve always wanted to begin, then it’s about getting clear on why you want to do those things. What about it lights you up? Why does it feel right for you? This is where a lot of people can get mixed up. So here are some tips on clarifying your thoughts on this.

Give yourself some quiet time to breathe

This is not the same as meditating. Sometimes you just need to give yourself time to breathe. Giving yourself your own space and time each and every single day, ideally in the morning, to simply tap into your inner voice can be a great source of guidance that comes from within you. I know that for me on days that I do this, I am able to be a lot more receptive to any guidance and ideas that normally wouldn’t come to me. If you don’t try to listen to your inner voice, you are blocking yourself off energetically. If you feel your mind is blocked or out of ideas, you need to think of this as an exercise to open yourself up from an energetic and spiritual perspective.

If you don’t have time to do this daily, try it out on a weekly basis, maybe on every Sunday morning. When you do it, take note as to how different you feel that particular day versus every other day of the week.

Write down your thoughts and feelings

This is important. If you haven’t started doing this already, I highly recommend you do so during that time when you’re giving yourself an opportunity. Just take a timeout and breathe. I recommend having a journal by your side, and when you start to get little thoughts and feelings that pop into your head but you don’t really know where they’re coming from, simply take out that journal and write them down. Over time, you’ll notice that the things that you start writing will just flow through automatically. You’re not forcing anything to come out through the pen. It’s you allowing your inner guidance to speak through that pen and onto paper. In time you will be able to really trust in this guidance because that’s your inner voice that is trying to speak to you.

This is a great way to access your subconscious thoughts and desires. This will also help you to gain much more bravery in yourself each and every day.

Stay away from naysayers

This is probably my biggest tip. If there are people in your life who feel that what you want isn’t realistic or achievable, stay away from them. Remember nobody knows of your own capability other than you. You know of your own greatness before anyone else can realize it and see it, and that’s the opportunity for you. Once you realize what potential you have, you’ll be able to have the courage to go for it. People who can’t see it or don’t believe it aren’t worthy of your time. Interact with them less; stay away from them; don’t tell them about your dreams; don’t tell them about what you want really. Just keep a safe distance because you don’t need that negative energy and their projections onto your career path or life in general. You simply need to focus on where you’re going.

What I would recommend instead is to start hanging out with people who are more in line with the type of person that you want to be. Spend more time with people who are already doing the things that you want to pursue. Build a network of inspiring people around you, so that you can surround yourself with that energetic presence, whether it’s simply through your laptop or in person with the people.

Shift your focus from success to service

This is something that I’ve had to learn in starting my own business. Even when I was in corporate, I realized that whenever I focused on just the success, it always came with these hollow empty feelings like lack of fulfillment or lack of meaning. But when I focused on service and helping/serving others, that is when I truly felt successful.

I think this is something that can be really applied across the board for anyone. If you really want to be brave and courageous in a career that you want to pursue or a business that you want to start, you have to focus on who are you serving and who are you helping with your work.

If you focus all your energy on delivering value, as opposed to just making money or achieving success right away, you’ll be able to create a more long-lasting feeling of fulfillment. It’s more about your intention to serve others than to get the benefits or recognition for yourself.

Take a little step each day

When it comes to being brave and courageous in your career, it also involves having to take a little piece of action every single day. What I mean by that is that give yourself a small activity to accomplish that makes you move towards your goal every day. Do something each and every day that’s going to get you closer and closer to where it is that you truly want to go. The more you can do that on a regular basis, the more momentum that builds within you.

We are often afraid to take action but that’s where our dreams stay dreams. They don’t ever transpire into reality. So in order to be more courageous, I would say definitely take on one moving activity each and every day. By the end of next year, you’ll see that you’ve made a lot of progress.

So there you have it – five tips on how to be more courageous in your career and in your everyday life.