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Do you feel that the quality of followers on your social media accounts isn’t really at the level that you want them to be? For example, how many of you have followers who are in your accounts but never really engage with your content, or don’t make good prospects for your business?

It’s very tricky to be able to leverage your social media followers to build a profitable client base for your business. If you do not play it well, your Facebook or Instagram fan following might actually become detrimental to your business and revenue. Click here to read why and how that happens.

If you find yourself in this situation when you’re not happy with the quality of followers that you have on your social media networks, then this post is for you.

Don’t buy bots or do follow/unfollow

This is kind of a no-brainer. If you are trying to grow organically and get sales on Facebook or Instagram, you should never buy bots or do any sort of automation such as follow/unfollow. Nowadays, these tactics are very annoying to potential customers, and do not yield long-term results. Yes, you might get the vanity metrics that you’re looking for. But in terms of engagement, quality followers, or people who are actually going to buy your services later on, will be repelled away from your accounts if you choose to automate the process of collecting followers and likes.

At times, some people spend way too much money on automating their accounts, doing follow/unfollow, and buying a lot of followers. Then they have to spend even more money buying comments and likes. Otherwise, there’s a huge disconnect between the amount of followers they have and the amount of engagement they have on their posts. That’s a really poor choice investment and should be avoided from the start.

I do agree that there are pros of automating your accounts and buying followers. Besides getting you vanity metrics, it also gives you a sense of authority. When a new person would visit your Facebook page that already has 15k followers, for instance, they may think that since so many people are already following you, you must really know what you’re doing in your business or with your brand. But when it comes down to sales, which to any businessperson is the most important metric, all those automated followers will give you no benefit.

Hence, it’s always best to avoid automation, and only use apps that are IG/FB approved.

Post content that’s specific to a niche

Always make sure that you are crystal clear to Instagram or Facebook on what your account is about. From the activity in your account, the social media platform should be able to string all the pieces together to ensure the category you belong to.

Why is this important? If Instagram, for instance, as the algorithm doesn’t understand what category your account fits in, it’s going to be very hard for them to suggest your account or show your account to your followers who are interested in the same topics that you’re posting about.

Hence, it is important to be consistent in your posts to be able to attract those specific followers who are interested in the kind of topics you cater to. Following are few ways you can do this.

Have keywords and key phrases embedded into your content

You need to realize that all social media platforms are basically a robot, which is constantly analyzing the content that you post. It’s reading the text, the images, the videos, and analyzing your overall browsing activity. If you don’t have specific keywords or phrases that consistently hint the category you’re in, the robot will not be able to identify what type of account you have.

Be more consistent with the type of content that you produce

For instance, if you have a cat account, do not post about cats one day, and about your fitness routine the next day. In order for the social media bots to effectively promote your accounts, be specific and consistent on the niche that you choose. Click here to learn how to choose a profitable niche for social media in 2020.

Engage with the people you want in your community

It has been proven by numerous case studies that community engagement works. When you do it right, you can see amazing results. That’s why you want to make sure that you are spending time to engage with the accounts that you know have the followers whom you also want to attract towards your business. If you do not ask, you do not receive. If you do not give, you do not get. It’s as simple as that. If you want to succeed in an organic way, engaging with the communities in your niche is utterly important.

This doesn’t mean though that you need to go buck wild. Do not start going on your competitor’s posts to keep posting random comments that don’t even mean anything, or that clearly show that you didn’t even read the caption and you don’t even care about that person. If you do that, anyone in your industry can sniff it, and likely block you or leave a black taste in the mouth.

The kind of comments or posts you should be putting while engaging with other people’s accounts is those that are thought provoking, make the account holder happy when they read it, and also benefit other people who can resonate with it. Community engagement needs to be done with the right intentions, and you must invest that time and energy to cultivate an actual community. It should never be done in a very gimmicky and slimy way.

When you incorporate these elements, it is definitely going to increase the chances of not only someone following you, but also that that person is someone whom you want to attract into your social media accounts.