Twitter is a great social media tool to make money but due to the popularity of other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok amongst the younger generations, it usually does not get to see the light. However, making money on Twitter is something that does deserve at least more attention than it gets because it is both easy and effective. In this article, we will be discussing a few of the best ways to make money on Twitter in the coming year.

Sponsored Tweets

Posting sponsored tweets is the most straightforward way to gain cash by using Twitter. A sponsored tweet is no different than a sponsored video on any other platform. Just type a tweet and brands will pay you if it includes a subtle or very obvious compliment for their product or service. This has a catch though – you cannot get brand deals until you have a certain amount of following, so you will work on building that following at first. 

However, the payoff from getting to post sponsored tweets, later on, is worth the hours you might have to put in to become Twitter famous. That is because later on, when you do start scoring brand deals, the effort from your side will remain at a minimum and the money you will earn from it will be a great amount.

Redirect Website Traffic

Twitter has over 400 million users, and of course, even a fraction of this number is a lot. If you keep your Twitter page active, regardless of whether it is your private page or that of your organization, and gather a good amount of followers, you can redirect this following to your own website. If you insert your website link in every tweet as the link itself or as a hyperlink, imagine the wonders it can do for you.

Twitter is already a huge platform with millions of users, so you can leverage this platform to get traffic on your own website and from there you can earn so much money. If someone is interested in your tweet content, they will want to check out the website you keep promoting with a little bias in their mind that since they like your tweets, they must like this website as well.

Be a Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is someone who produces content that is passed on as written by someone else. Ghostwriters are present in many different industries and in today’s day and age, even social media ghostwriters can earn a lot by writing social media content for someone else’s profile. If you become a Twitter ghostwriter, you will get paid for formulating tweets for someone else and if that someone else is someone very well-known, especially on Twitter, there is a high potential for you to earn a huge sum of money doing this job.

The way to get this job is to build a portfolio good enough to impress anyone hiring a Twitter ghostwriter to think it is worth it to give you a shot. Then by consistently reaching a large audience with your tweets, you can sustain your image.

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