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In today’s post, I want to talk about one very simple technique that you can start implementing today, in order to get closer to having a career or profession that is truly meaningful and fulfilling for you.

No matter how happy people appear at the surface, the truth is that there are many people who are not really happy with the jobs that they’re in. There is some kind of a misalignment between the job that they have or the duties that they have versus the career that they would truly be interested in. A lot of times, people do have an idea of what it is that they would love to do, but the bigger question is how to get there.

So in this article, I am writing about a unique and simple mindset technique that will help you to get closer to that fulfilling career. On a side note, I want to mention that this technique would also work if you are thinking of starting your own business initiative and are currently trying to figure out what specific niche you want to target or what kind of service you want to offer to your clients.

Let’s start with something that we can all agree on. I think we can all agree, as long as you are truly honest with yourself, that the career that you have right now and the life that you’re living right now is a result of all the previous choices and decisions that you’ve made. Those choices have led to this present moment. That means that if we went back in time and you made different choices or decisions up until this present moment, then you wouldn’t be living the life or having the career that you have right now. Correct? You’d be living a different life because you would have made different life choices.

Now let’s take this a little bit further. Based on quantum physics, while we are all at any given time in one specific reality, there are also other realities that exist known as parallel universes. These other realities depend on the different choices that you have made in the past. For example, let’s say in one reality you are super fulfilled and have the life makes you the happiest and the best version of yourself. On the other hand in another reality, you may not be so happy because the choices that you made in that universe actually caused you to lead a life that is less than ideal for you; and in this universe, you’re still trying to figure out how to approach and achieve a fulfilling career. So what these physicists are saying is that there are actually billions of numerous alternate realities that exist out there.

Once you can accept this concept, there’s another layer to it, and that is the idea that you can actually shift from one reality to another. You can move from the reality that you’re living right now to another more ideal reality, which is more optimized towards what you really want from life. To simplify, it is possible for you to move from this reality where you’re still not sure of how to find a fulfilling career into a reality where you are living and having a fulfilled life and career. Essentially, all it’s saying is that based on the intentions and the choices that you make moving forward in life, you could be living a completely different lifestyle, because that different or ideal lifestyle does exists out there as a potential reality.

So if we break it down, what the concept is really telling us is that the key to accessing a fulfilled and meaningful career and life for yourself is to simply have the intentions and make choices that will move you in the direction of having that reality.

The more alive we are within our own body and feel that there’s another potential for us, we start to set different intentions and make different choices for ourselves. It’s only logical to assume that the best version of us would only make choices and decisions that are in line with what’s best for us and lead towards the best version of ourselves.

This is something that I’ve incorporated into my own life and it has worked. Life isn’t just about desiring something; it’s about seeing what you desire but then making choices and having intentions to move towards that thing that you desire.