Bitcoin’s Post-Halving Price Prediction 2020

Based on earlier experience, the BTC price was expected to be bullish post-halving. But surprisingly, Bitcoin’s price volatility has declined.


Is Cryptocurrency the Solution to the Current Economic Crisis?

Although the concept of cryptocurrency makes sense and seems to be the perfect solution for this economic crisis, is it really there yet?


Analyzing the Current Situation of Bitcoin in the Crypto Space

Let’s analyze the trends in Bitcoin and the concerns related to it that we have been recently hearing about in cryptocurrency news.


Understanding the Upcoming Bitcoin Halving in May 2020

There are 3 key concepts about the bitcoin network that make bitcoin halving easier to understand. Let’s go through these one by one.


Secret Strategies to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Want to know the secrets to strategize your cryptocurrency investments? The first thing to do is familiarize yourself with the crypto realm.


How to Identify ICO Scams

Dozens of new cryptocurrencies launch each month, and alongside these new tokens and coins comes a series of initial coin offerings (ICOs).


How to Start Trading Cryptocurrency

Some of you might have been hearing and reading a lot about cryptocurrency, but have not really stepped foot into this industry yet.


10 Things You Can Do to Speed-up Crypto Adoption

During this bear market, there are many people complaining about the value of their investments. Every cryptocurrency is down 90% or more.


3 Things You Need to Know Before Trading Crypto in 2020

A lot of individuals have gone through some of the risks, losses or scams involved in crypto trading in 2019.


YouTube Cracking Down on Cryptocurrency Content

YouTube is restricting and even deleting cryptocurrency videos. The news has come out as a shocker for all crypto traders and enthusiasts.


How to Avoid Bitcoin Pump and Dump Scams

If you invest in bitcoin, without having a thorough understanding of its underlying structure, you become an easy target for crypto scammers.


Staking Tezos: The Complete Guide

If you’re involved in the crypto industry, you must have heard a lot about Tezos lately. Let’s answer some questions about staking XTZ.


8 Reasons to be Bullish on Bitcoin in 2020

When we entered 2019 almost a year ago, bitcoin was having difficult times. But now it’s moving into 2020 with a general bullish sentiment.


Looking into the History of Money to Understand Cryptocurrency

Want to learn about cryptocurrency, but feel overwhelmed with the jargon? Let’s look into the history of money to understand crypto today.


Bitcoin and Blockchain for Dummies

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about bitcoin – a decentralized digital currency that’s gaining popularity!


Misconceptions About Bitcoin Lightning Network

I think the Lightning Network is quite broadly misunderstood. One of the misunderstandings is that it simply comprises of payment channels.


A Very Bad Week for Bitcoin and Crypto Enthusiasts

This week didn’t look all too good for crypto after all, with bad news making the headlines one after another.


Analyzing Bitcoin Price Prediction Models for 2020 and Ahead

Speculation about the future performance of Bitcoin is understandably one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency community nowadays.


A Word on the Controversy of Facebook’s Libra

Why are Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency plans under fire? Will Facebook be able to successfully launch Libra in 2020?


ECB Considers Digital Euro and Ban on High-Risk Crypto

The ECB wants to issue a digital version of its euro, while also creating a framework that would ban high-risk cryptocurrency projects.


Creative Ways to Make Money in Cryptocurrency

Wondering how to make money with cryptocurrency? Well, the first need you need to do is get creative. You’ve got to think out of the box!


What You Need to Know Before Investing in Ripple

Every time we think that cryptocurrency cannot get any more popular, it comes back to smack us in the face with some new headlines.


Moving Towards the Next Bitcoin Halving Event

After the brutal drawdowns that were seen in September and October this year, what will be the impact of bitcoin halving in 2020?


Bitcoin Versus Ethereum – An In-depth Analysis

Confused whether to invest in bitcoin or ethereum? Read our detailed analysis, including comments from crypto experts at Blockshow Asia 2019.


SingularityNET Announces Its New Paypal Integration At Blockshow Asia 2019

At Blockshow Asia 2019, SingularityNET Foundation announced its integration with Paypal within its decentralized Ai marketplace.


Insolar Joins Cointelegraph’s New Consulting Division as Launch Partner at Blockshow Asia 2019

Blockshow Asia 2019 revealed the new-found partnership between Cointelegraph Consulting and Insolar Blockchain Platform.


The Official Launch of Cointelegraph Consulting

Cointelegraph Consulting is set to boost B2B blockchain adoption by enabling enterprises to implement innovations into their business cycles.


Making The Best of Your Bitcoin Investment

When it comes to investing in bitcoin, building your knowledge about the industry is key to protecting yourself from cryptocurrency scams.


4 Things You Need to Know Before You Invest in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. Before you get greedy about the crypto world, know these 4 critical things about the industry.


What Bitcoin Brokers Won’t Tell You

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Let’s Gossip About Hedera Hashgraph

Is Hashgraph better than Blockchain? Let’s take a dive into the distributed ledger world and find out.


Tracing Cryptocurrency Scammers After Their Exit

Have you been a victim of cryptocurrency scam? The good news is you can practically trace the scammer even after they escape with your money!


A Beginner’s Guide to ‘The Internet of Value’

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The Fear of Cryptocurrency Scams

Interested in trading cryptocurrency? Beware of these cryptocurrency scams!


Why Cryptocurrency Should Be Banned

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