Image by Cointelegraph

Due to the fluctuating cryptocurrency market trends in 2019, there has been a casual stoicism among blockchain enterprises all over the world. When one startup fails, another upsurges, and they gradually begin to mature up in response to their competitors’ experience. This cycle at times makes it into a struggle for these startups to even get noticed.

Perhaps that’s the reason Cointelegraph held the massive Blockshow Asia Conference in November 2019, to give these startups a chance to rise and shine.

Cointelegraph, the leading digital finance and blockchain media resource, has been delivering the latest and best in class news in the blockchain world, since 2013. Blockshow Asia 2019 was dedicated to blockchain community members and crypto enthusiasts, to showcase the existing and established blockchain solutions in the world.

In the event’s opening, Arsenii Dain, a member of the Cointelegraph team, announced the official launch of Cointelegraph Consulting – Leading Corporate Innovations Consulting Services.

Cointelegraph Consulting was formed to offer matchmaking services between corporate clients and institutional level solution providers to help enterprises find the vendors that they need, and understand the advantages of their technologies.

Arsenii Dain, who is also the Managing Director of Cointelegraph Consulting, stated, “We see ourselves as perfectly positioned to mediate corporate clients and institutional level solution providers to help enterprises in implementing the best blockchain solutions in their ecosystem, by educating them, and helping them to adopt innovation and smoothly put these innovations into their business cycles.”

Cointelegraph realizes that slow embracement of innovations is mostly caused by a kind of mistrust in the market and low interaction between the players. The major problem is that the enterprises don’t understand why the existing technologists are not good enough to feed the goals of the new generation technologists, and why blockchain is better than the existing ERP systems that they are using.

Once the system is willing to adopt innovations, they face even more difficulties using and choosing the best provider in class. Hence, the challenge is to determine the most cost-efficient solution. Who is the provider of the solution that they need? Will the provider be willing to maintain the solution and give further support?

Arsenii mentioned, “Seeing our expertise and network, we saw the potential that we can deliver more to the space, and we can deliver more to enterprise and institutional level content.”

The motive of Cointelegraph as an enterprise consultant is to be able to help and mediate these enterprises, and solve the problem of mistrust as well as language barrier between the corporations and institutional level solution providers.

Cointelegraph Consulting was started less than 4 weeks before this official announcement in the Blockshow Asia Conference, and Cointelegraph has successfully partnered with the leading solution-providers in this space in this short period of time.

The first partner to join Cointelegraph Consulting was Insular, which is not a stranger to the enterprise world. It was founded by former investment bankers and leading European banks, which previously introduced blockchain solutions into the world.

The second partner was VeChain. VeChain is a leading blockchain with the name of tour blockchain, which is widely used across the Fortune 500 corporations, such as by Wallmart China in the management of their supply chain in general. Since the push of the Chinese government towards the implementation of blockchain technology, VeChain recently announced that they made the solution for cross-border trades, for the import of goods from France to China.