Have a video that you want to improve? Want to join clips together, or cut out rough spots? Can you guess where this incredibly obvious series of questions is going? Yep, what you need is a video editor.

There are tons of them that you can use online without installing any software. And some of them are actually quite good.

I write for a living, but I also make videos to promote my content at times. So I tested a bunch of online video editors to find the ones you can trust, and the ones that might drive you crazy. And I think I have done so with remarkable speed. But does anyone around here thank me?

Anyway, out of all the video editors that I tested, I’ll be giving the best one a mini-review that covers everything I think is important.

What’s this video editor called?

I’m talking about Wave.video. You might have heard of it, or maybe not. But I’m here to tell you that it’s all you’ll ever need to create stunning videos for your social media campaigns.

Wave.video is a pretty basic app. It’s more like a social media video editor and is very beginner friendly.

It’s marketed for individual creators and agencies alike, and it does its job decently. It particularly has a couple of “surprise” features that I genuinely like and want to share.

What are some of its features?

Wave.video provides you with a ton of templates, graphics, watermarks, stickers, and everything you’d usually find in a social media video editor. There are plenty of stock images and footage too. When you finish a project, you can upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox, and even social media marketing platforms like Hubspot.

I really like the visualizer for the audio track at the bottom of the screen. It helps in timing your music or audio to your video clips more easily. I especially like the way the program manages multiple formats for different social networks. You can work on different versions of the same video at the same time, with each one sized for a different social network. Add a picture to one version of your video, and it gets updated across all versions. That’s actually pretty cool.

Overall, it is easy to use. It provides you with a good deal of control over your video creation. Listed below are some of its awesome features.


⚡️ Multiple cameras and screen shares

⚡️ Design live streaming scenes like you would do with OBS

⚡️ No need to download and install

⚡️ Assign roles to your co-hosts and guests to create pro-level live videos together


⚡️ Free stock library of videos, images, audio clips, and gifs

⚡️ Inspirational content calendar and 500+ templates for every occasion

⚡️ Auto-captions, text-to-speech, video VoiceOver

⚡️ Auto-resizing for 30+ video formats and more!


⚡️ Ad-free

⚡️ Protected with password

⚡️ Customizable player

⚡️ Responsive to any video format/size

On top of all these features, it also gives you access to over 200M of stock videos, photos, and audio tracks and over 1000 customizable video templates.

How much does it cost?

Wave.video’s prices are pretty cheap.

You can actually get started for free but there are certain limits on video lengths in the free plan.

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