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It is sometimes hard to understand why the millennial generation is neglectful of their financial responsibility. Is that just a stereotype? Perhaps the millennials have their own unique ways to prioritize their life and manage their finances, which we are unable to comprehend.

The way I see is that the young workforce these days doesn’t just want to work to retire. They’re not seeing retirement as a significant phase of life, nor are they planning to work to be able to afford it. Why wait until 70 years of age before we can enjoy life? I’m sure all of us at some level can familiarize ourselves with this way of thinking. If we adopt this approach, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that we become irresponsible towards our finances. It’s just a different way of thinking, giving rise to a different goal that we set into our minds – the goal of achieving financial freedom.

What exactly is financial freedom? It’s when we don’t have to wait for our salary to enter our bank account to be able to pay off the bills every month. It’s when we don’t have to worry about our money finishing if we take an extra long vacation. It’s when we don’t fret too much if we lose our job because we always have sufficient backup funds at our disposal to be able to maintain a decent lifestyle. At the core, financial freedom is when we don’t need to work so desperately for money, as money begins to work for us.

It’s becoming more and more of a norm for people to think in this way. As we see thousands of people making large amounts of money through self-learning and self-coaching strategies nowadays, we get inclined towards adopting the same path as them. We all dream of a big house, long vacations on the seaside, luxury transport and a heart-warming bank balance. But in reality, we are stuck at our day’s job that consumes most of our time and energy, leaving us too fatigued to do anything else.

The good news is there are avenues available nowadays to make our journey towards financial freedom a lot easier than ever before. There are people who have been cracking up their heads to come up with meaningful ways and invent creative online platforms that can generate some real value out of the Internet. Thanks to these people, we are now able to earn passive income, without having to quit our day’s job, at least until that income becomes steady and large enough to be able to sustain our livelihood.

One such growing and simple-to-use platform is called Yibbia. Yibbia allows you to make money from anywhere, anytime, via any online course that you upload, or any physical product that you put up there to sell. It is 100% free to create a Yibbia account, which will give you access to all its features, and enable you to view your earnings and other stats through your dashboard. You’ll also be able to withdraw your earnings into your Paypal account.

The fantastic thing about websites like Yibbia is that they don’t question your skills, talent or passion. If you feel you are good at something, you can share a course (or just a simple video about it) on Yibbia to show it to the world. What you’ll get in return is not just money, but acknowledgment from the whole world (or rather by anybody who visits the site, to be more specific) that you’re providing value to the world by utilizing your knowledge and skill. The scope for growth through offering this kind of self-education is boundless.

Yibbia is made for the millennials. As some people say, Yibbia was built to help people extract what they know; and I couldn’t agree with them more!