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About 70% of employees are not engaged at their jobs and nearly nine out of ten workers worldwide hate the jobs that they’re working in. Have you heard about these statistics? Well, clearly there’s a problem with employment across the globe. But what can you do?

Well, there are three things you can do. You can sit there and watch these things happen, you can complain about it, or you can do something about it. If you are one of those who think differently, than the majority of people, you would opt for the third option, that is, do something about it. And by that, in this case we mean taking action through entrepreneurship.

But what would happen if everyone started taking action by becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business? How would the world work then?

The fact of the matter is that not everyone will be an entrepreneur. Anyone can potentially become an entrepreneur, no matter what your background is, but the majority of people won’t be so for one of many many reasons.

But for the sake of sticking to the topic of this post, let’s discuss what would happen if everyone did become an entrepreneur. Well, three things would happen.

Businesses would pay top dollar for you

Do you know why wages and salaries suck? It’s not because of minimum wages. It’s because there are way too many employees out there. If I, for instance, took my life savings and I went on and I started a coffee shop tomorrow, eventually I might need somebody to run the cash register, because I can’t take orders, prepare coffee, clean and do everything else at once. So I might look at how much coffee is selling and I’ll think to myself that I’d really like to get a cashier for my business for less than $20 an hour. So I’ll go and post a job vacancy or simply put up a ‘Now Hiring’ sign on a window. And within the first week, I’ll get a few dozen applications.

Now these potential employees have to fight for this one job opening, and since working a cash register correctly doesn’t require a highly specialized skill set, the way these employees fight is by lowering their price. And since businesses are in business to make a profit, you’d want to choose the most reasonably priced employee.

But if everyone became an entrepreneur, business owners are going to become the ones fighting for employees, because there wouldn’t be any or enough people out there looking to get hired. So going back to the coffee shop example, I would have to increase the value of my job to convince you to leave your business and not work for some other business and come work for me. That means I might have to pay more than the $20 an hour I wanted to, because I need you to work for me and I don’t want to lose you to Joe’s coffee shop.

So even if everyone became an entrepreneur we would eventually have employees again, because business owners would have to incentivize you to become an employee, and that means that wages for everyone would go up.

More people would have a purpose

A study found that 70% of people feel like they have no purpose in life. They’re just going to work to pay bills and that’s it. If you’ve ever felt like this before, you’d know how miserable you feel. You only live life once, so why not live your one life to the max? Starting a business is not easy, but you also don’t need to start a multibillion-dollar corporation to have a purpose. I mean you can do something on the side and do something that you love, and that helps you feel more fulfilled in life.

These days with the digital revolution and the growth of the internet and social media, you can even just do something you love off of your phone or your computer, and you can do something that you really care about, and you can help a lot of people and make a lot of money doing it.

I’m speaking from personal experience here. I started my blog Opinined as a side hobby, and was able to get it monetized within 3 months of its launch.  Not just that, through my blog, I’ve had many people contact me to hire me on contract or part-time basis to write content for their sites. So what started off as a hobby first turned into reasonably paid freelance work, and gradually built itself into a full-fledged business. I am now offering copywriting and digital marketing services to clients across the globe.

So entrepreneurship actually lets you control your destiny!