What to do For Your Business During Coronavirus Pandemic

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So it’s a really weird time right now. I guess we’re all aware of the situation, and probably worried about it too. It’s quite unsettling to know, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners, what this means for your business. But the most that we can do is take control of our time.

Now, if you are a content creator, a freelancer or someone who’s working on a passion project like myself, the positive side to look to is that we always get through it.

So how can we best take advantage of this time that we have?

While we’re all quarantined up, eating all the food in our pantries, kitchen and refrigerators, I have compiled a list of things that I think we can all agree would make us stronger and better businesses on the other side of this pandemic.

Increase your content creation

The first thing is, if you are a content creator, increase your writing or uploading frequency. This is a big one! Nothing much is on television these days, except for the news of course, and we can’t go anywhere out of our homes for any kind of entertainment. Everything is literally shut down, be it restaurants, bars, movie cinemas. Pretty much any place where people can socially gather is closed. So a lot of people are consuming content more. And once the initial shock factor of watching the news all day goes away, people are really going to be digging for positive content to watch or read.

So if you are a content creator already, I definitely recommend upping the frequency of your uploads, articles, podcasts or whichever form you produce content in. If you are someone who are wanting to pursue a side hustle as a content creator to build a passive income stream for yourself in the foreseeable future, now is the time to do it. We can easily take advantage of the fact that people are living off their phones right now because there’s nothing else to do and nothing much on TV either.

Check out for discounts and bill suspensions

The next thing is to check with your service providers on discounts or bill suspensions. I know many companies are doing right now. They are providing a lot of slack because of the economic impact that this is having on everyone. So if you are trying to free up some of your money that you may be able to invest in your business, I would definitely recommend calling your service providers and seeing what they can do for you, so that you can take advantage of this time financially as well.

Take a bird’s eye view of your business

The next thing is working on your business and just only in your business. By this I mean doing things that you would probably not be doing on a day-to-day basis in your business. This might include things like coming up with longer term strategies, planning out the rest of your business year, or planning which market to penetrate into next once you come out of this situation. In other words, try to take a bird’s eye view of your business and not just doing the day-to-day hustles.

For instance, one thing you could do that counts as working on your business is updating your website to make sure your web design is up-to-date, responsive, looks good and is able to attract traffic. You might want to change your template or freshen up your site content. This is really a great time to give your online presence a facelift.

There are several companies offering very cheap and quick web development and web maintenance services these days. One such company that I personally worked with last year to get my own website set up is called Yibbia. Their portfolio can be viewed at yibbia.site and their team can easily be contacted through either Whatsapp to +60 11-3982 6378 or email to [email protected].

To summarize, don’t be afraid to push your business in this time. There is a lot of talk about how small businesses may be the first to suffer because of this pandemic, but this can actually also be a time for us to thrive. If you really use this time wisely, and focus on what you can do to be a resource to people right now, you will not only be able to sustain but come out of this situation in a much better position.

Sana Uqaili

Sana Uqaili is a professional content creator and a strategic marketing adviser, who started off as a freelance copywriter and pass time blogger, and ended up offering her services as a full-fledged business in early 2019. Her ghostwriting contributions and digital marketing tactics have enhanced the Google rankings of various publications and corporate websites. Her passion for writing peaked in late 2019, when she started this site called Opinined. In 2020, she also started podcasting from her home during quarantine, and was able to gain great traction on her podcast channel during the global lockdown.

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