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It’s already end of 2019. I’ve been noticing that there’s a lot of content out there about how to stick to your goals for 2020. So I’m here to do things a bit differently in this post, and tell you why I think you’re going to epically fail in 2020 on sticking to those goals.

For as long as I can remember, ever since I have really committed to the path of personal growth, I’ve always been super fascinated with understanding the differences between rich people and poor people. And I don’t mean poor in finances or poor in money, I mean poor in the mind, poor in growth, poor in abundance. There’s a very clear difference between these two types of people. When you think about setting goals, you’re going to start to realize that it’s always the poor people who never achieve their goals. And unfortunately, it’s the majority of the population that actually falls under this category. That’s why in this article, let’s rain on your parade and let you know why most people are going to fail at sticking to their goals.

You mind is only set on short term gains

The first reason if and why I think you won’t be achieving your goal this year is that you don’t see or understand where your goal actually takes you. Sometimes it’s really easy to want to achieve a goal, but not really be serious about actually achieving it. And what you’ll notice is that the difference between rich people and poor people is that poor people fail to recognize the doors that achieving that goal will actually open for them.

For instance, it’s basically not understanding the fact that, if you workout three times a week, it makes the difference between whether or not you live until 65 or 85. What you need to realize is that rich people or people with rich mindsets don’t mind spending their time, energy, and resources on building momentum on something, even though results aren’t showing right away. It’s really all about understanding the principle that it’s more important to get the ball rolling, even if there isn’t an immediate return.

On the other hand, with poor people, their mindset is all about short-term gain and short-term results. These are the types of people who are most likely to sell their stock position, and panic sell when the market goes down. They’re also the type of people who want to return courses because they didn’t get results right away. They’re also the type of people who quit the gym because they didn’t lose weight after one session.

So again, if you aren’t able to see where your goal can take you, or the doors that’ll open, or the long-term benefits of achieving the goal that you have in mind for 2020, then I’m sorry to break it to you, my friend, but more likely than not you’re probably going to fail at achieving it this year.

You cannot get past the dip

The second reason why I think you’re going to fail this year at your goals is because you don’t understand the dip. Rich people understand that they need to keep going even when the going gets tough, and they understand the concept called the dip. The dip is basically a concept created by Seth Godin. What it illustrates is that everything worth having is going to be hard, but rewards are given to those who are able to push past difficulty. There are extraordinary benefits reserved for the minority of people who are actually able to push through things a little bit longer than most. Essentially, when you first start something, it’s going to be fun, and after a few days or few weeks, you’re still going on because of the experience and because you’re learning a lot. However, eventually, you’re going to hit the dip, and the dip is essentially the long slog between starting something and mastering it.

However, what you need to know is that the dip creates scarcity, because unfortunately, the majority of the people aren’t going to be able to get past this point. The dip is where most people actually fail, and where most people quit. That being said, scarcity creates value. So the small minority of people, who are able to push past the dip and the pain, become the most valuable people in the world.

Now that you’ve understood this concept, something you should know is that Seth Godin, in his book, also says that if you don’t believe that you can actually get past this dip, then don’t even bother starting. When thinking about your goals, really ask yourself if you’re prepared to push through the dip.

You don’t believe in yourself

Last but not least, here’s the final reason why I think you’re not going to be able to achieve your goals in 2020, and that is that you don’t believe in yourself. Now, I know this sounds cheesy but hear me out. Rich people believe in themselves, in their value, and in their ability to deliver that value to other people. Poor people, on the other hand, do not believe in themselves. That’s why what you’ll notice is that most poor people want to make sure that there’s always a guarantee for something. Or, they always think about plan B, C, D, E, before they even start plan A.

The key difference here is that rich people know that they deserve success. They believe in their abilities and the confidence that they have to push forward. They don’t dwell so much, or waste time and energy and resources focusing on their insecurities. And yes, of course, the path to success is scary, but rich people see past that fear and use fear as a navigation tool for self-growth. They go out there and work, and they earn what they believe is rightfully theirs. On the other hand, when you have a poor mindset, you’re going to have a tendency to undervalue yourself and consistently take small actions that truly reflect what you think you deserve, which, when you have a poor mindset, isn’t much.

Rich people are willing to self-promote. They’re willing to put themselves out there and promote their work, because they believe that what they do is actually valuable and will serve the world. Poor people, on the other hand, think completely differently. They see selling and promotion as incredibly negative.

Now, even if you don’t have a business or you’re not aspiring to be a content creator, understanding your value and worth is still incredibly important in life. You still need to have the ability to self-promote, and these are the things that rich people have mastered. In your job, you’re going to need to be able to put yourself in an environment where your value is appreciated, so that you can get promotion.

So my friends, if you actually want to accomplish your goals in 2020, you need to have unwavering belief in yourself, and believe in your ability to accomplish your goals.